All that I am, or hope to be

This iridescent glitter candle is prepared and poured to  help banish negativity, strengthen positive virtues, bring prosperity and celebrate Mother Earth, the Divine Mother and mother's everywhere. It inspires fertility, female strength and success.

Glitter tends to stick and gather certain places as the candle burns, sometimes creating shapes, which can be used to gain insight and intention. This process adds to the divination aspects of the ritual.

Mothers Little Helper has a beautiful blend of herbs, florals and fruits that bring to mind the healing, help and celebration of a great wine. Oak is the base note of this candle. Celebrating the strength and steadfastness of the mighty oak tree while bringing money, success and strength. Apple is a strong symbol of female power and wisdom. They represent fertility, stability, health, healing, potency, good luck, beauty, vanity, wisdom, the soul, the afterlife and immortality. Apples are arguably the most magical and symbolism-laden of fruits. Grapes are associated with fertility and garden magic.  They also have the property of strengthening mental powers and can be used for manifesting money.

Finished with the mothers stones and florals; rose quartz to hold the energy of unconditional love, citrine to hold the energy of light and happiness, amethyst helps to cleanse, purify and heal the mind, body and spirit.

All natural soy wax.
9oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours.

Mother's Little Helper Candle

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