Celebrate community and the strength of your sisters. Share intimate moments with the ones you love. Cherish all that comes with an authentic connection. 

The color pink manifests love, devotion and faith. Putting flame to a pink candle reinforces the commitment by the devotee to building stronger bonds and seeking connection. 

With an enticing woodsy base, powder and a hint of peppercorn bolster the simple beauty of our modern take on a classic rose scent. Floral, green and herbal and unlike any candle you have experienced our infusion of fir needle, eucalyptus, and cedar leaf essential oils reinforce the botanical beauty and magical power of rose and sage.

Center yourself and step into your own power. Celebrate the circle and remember who you are and all you have coming. This candle was designed to speak it all into existence and realize your full potential.

This candle is prepared with a combination of scents to celebrate the strength of sisterhood and The Circle. Rose oil summons the power of sisterhood and lasting connection, Sage protects and prepares for the future while Rosemary represents feminine beauty and a hint of lime brings feminie magic. 

Finished with Amethyst to cleanse, purify and heal and Moonstone, a feminine stone, to bring wisdom and see the light in the darkness. 

Before burning, remove the bay leaf, imbue it with your intention and burn separately and safely in an ashtray or similar vessel.


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