Each month our Rebels and Outlaws Whichbox will consist of a candle chosen specifically to help you set your intention for the month and manage your energy. You will also receive a selection of gifts, tools and talismans such as teas, crystals or items from collaborations with your favorite beauty and wellness brands. Each whichbox is curated to provide a way for you to set your intention for the month that resonates with the earthly seasons and movements of the moon.

Gather, Honor, Celebrate, Let Go, Set Intention, Speak the Truth, Bring Abundance, Ignite, Illuminate everything around you and all that is coming next with this month's Rebels and Outlaws July Whichbox. This Whichbox helps celebrate the summer, the sun and celebrates your strength while reminding you of your own creativity, courage and and potential. 

September's Whichbox contains a custom Fall Equinox Candle with scents of bourbon, vanilla, maple, apple and cinnamon, a hand tied smudge stick celebrating the season, a shower melt/bath bomb to purify and rejuvenate and a Fall Crystal Vision Jar .

September marks a shift into a new cycle and the end of the old one. Harvesting what we have sewn and offering gratitude for what we have been given and preparing for all that is coming next. 

Prepared personally by James and Jeremy with special touches specifically to allow you to align. 
Whichbox Curated Collection

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