Each month our Rebels and Outlaws Whichbox will consist of a candle chosen specifically to help you set your intention for the month and manage your energy. You will also receive a selection of gifts, tools and talismans such as teas, crystals or items from collaborations with your favorite beauty and wellness brands. Each whichbox is curated to provide a way for you to set your intention for the month that resonates with the earthly seasons and movements of the moon.

September's Whichbox contains a return of our Because The Night candle, a sage and rosemary burn bundle, a selenite wand and our body lotion formulated by our friends at B3 Balm with a light fragrance of our Because The Night candle. This contains soft notes of honeysuckle jasmine with a touch of patchouli and smoke. 

This month's Whichbox marks a shift to a new cycle on the planet and the end of the old. Release what no longer serves you. Reap what you've sown. Gather and celebrate. 

Whichbox Curated Collection

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