The Phoenix, a mythical bird from ancient legend, represents transformation and rebirth. As legend has it, a phoenix would rise from the ashes of their own death renewed and regenerated, Phoenix from the Flame is a celebration of the strength and wisdom gained from survival.

The deep oxblood color is created with a combination of colors. Black is used to banish negativity and red is to draw in fresh energy. 

Phoenix From the Flame is prepared with chocolate to represent the element of fire and leather to release that which is troubling. The scent of fire relinquishes the past and looks ahead to a renewed future. Sandalwood honors sacrifice and ultimately leads to peace of mind. 

This candle is finished with Hematite, for harmony of mind, body and spirit, Carnelian for courage, confidence and motivation and lastly, Sodalite, for strength and sustenance.

Phoenix from the Flame

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