You Will Rise, You Will Return.

The celebration of survival and the strength that comes with rising from the ashes once again. The combination and  conjunction of the deep oxblood candle will banish negativity with it's black color base, then the red candle to draw in fresh energy with it's rich shade of red. 

Prepared with chocolate which represents the element of fire and can be used to enhance prosperity and abundance in your life Leather represents letting go. The scent of the fire helps us to leave the past and transform for the future and sandalwood celebrates our sacrifice purification, consecration and ultimately helps us find peace. 

Finished with Hematite, a stone of magicians and exorcists. It enhances mental activity, balances energies and emotions, dissolves negativity and pushed us forward. Carnelian provides courage and confidence and motivates you to move your life forward in a new direction while sodalite sustains you and offers strength. 

All natural soy wax.
8oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours.

Phoenix from the Flame

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