A true visionary is known by many monikers. Seer, oracle, augur, prophet, prophetess, sage, prognosticator, diviner, fortune teller, crystal gazer, clairvoyant, psychic, those who have the power to speak into existence that which they see. Allow yourself to to visualize and actualize the best version of yourself. Bypass mediocrity to see and speak and manifest abundance and success. Clear the chaos and intensify your belief in yourself. 

The blue candle calls upon the peace and patience of the element of water. Blue carries a gentle, but powerful energy, ideal for emotional healing, speaking truth and bringing justice. Also a spiritual color, blue can help awaken and heal the psychic mind, ease stress in trying times and strengthen the throat chakra and allow you to find your own strong voice.

This candle is prepared with mint to promote energy and communication and eucalyptus to allow clear vision of your future. Combining eucalyptus with mint allows for healing and rejuvenation. Birch is a tree of new beginnings and is used for protection from the malicious and the mundane. 

Finished with blue lace agate to open and clear the throat chakra and exacerbate self-expression. Sodalite opens spiritual perception to recognize your authentic self while eliminating mental confusion. Amethyst guides intuition and fosters motivation and balance. Rosemary aids in the expulsion of negative energy and protects you in your pursuits.

Soothsayers and Storytellers

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