Belief. By changing your perception of the universe, faith can radically change life’s circumstances. This candle celebrated newfound and renewed faith in religion, the spirit universe or yourself. The magic starts there. 

White represents light and clear vision. White candles are used in protection, consecration and cleansing rituals. White candles are also used for healing and to connect to your higher self and spirit guides. 

This candle is prepared with the scent of Sweetgrass, a most magical tool, is for elevating our consciousness and connection with higher entities, Violets are added for good luck and the enhancement of spiritual prophecy. It is finished with blue cornflower for further spiritual connection, Clear Quartz to rid the mind of negativity and clear the way for spiritual reception. Lastly, Angelite is used to facilitate contact with the spiritual realm. 

20% of proceeds from the sale of this candle is donated to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.


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