Artists and Angels is art driven and muse oriented. It can provide  encouragement, adaptability, creative inspiration, communication and vitality. It promotes attraction and kindness, and the invocation of  your muse while encouraging fortune, prosperity, ambition, and success in your chosen business or profession. This candle is especially for those seeking to tap into their creativity or communicate with Spirit guides. 

This candle is prepared with Neroli for self purification, inward exploration and courage. Neroli, known as “light in the darkness”, is one of the most precious essential oils as it touches the realms of angels and brushes its user with the light from angel wings. The addition of Cinnamon helps focus creativity and increase concentration to receive guidance from the divine. Finally, Blood Orange’s magical properties, used in divination and communication, encourage success and prosperity while championing your talents. 

This traditional blend of fruit and spice is based on James family favorite. Bright citrus scents blended with a twist of cinnamon and clove create the most irresistible medley of cozy, warmth.

This candle evoles the holidays of French and Italian families and welcomes connection amd celebration while offering calm and clarity.

Finished with Lapis to attract spirits, Angelite to connect with spirit guides and Tiger Eye for balance, strength of will and the lessening of anxiety.

Artists and Angels

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