Back To Black helps you release the negative or stale energies no longer needed in your life.

Black candles absorb negativity and ease you into whatever is next. They are also used in the performance of rituals, such as those to absorb illness or break bad habits.

The soft scent of fine leather is warm and luxurious Back To Black has a classic and timeless uniqueness that is musky and slightly spicy floral bringing to mind rock n roll nights with friends and your favorite leather jacket.

Based on James' time doing makeup for the iconic women of rock including Amy Winehouse, Joan Jett and many more. This candle reminds you of your own power and empowers you to move forward.

Black Tourmaline stones are used for protection by repelling unwanted, lower, or harmful frequencies, Snowflake Obsidian, a stone of purity, provides balance for mind, body and spirit. It helps realize the value of wisdom gained by past mistakes as well as appreciate successes. The candle is finished with Juniper Berries for protection and clarity. 

When the candle is burned through, discard the stones that remain to rid yourself all they have absorbed. Let go of the past and focus forward.

Back To Black

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