The Law of Attraction is the practice of attracting into our lives whatever it is on which we are focusing, By using the power of the mind and heart, the Law of Attraction actualized the cognitive into the substantive. This candle was created to bring forth abundance and manifest all that is magical, including wealth, health and good luck. 

Green candles are used to manifest, attract and honor. Their ritual uses include those for money, fertility, abundance and good health. This light, herbal candle is bright, fresh, and revitalizing for spa or any space. Citrus and peppery notes of lemongrass, green tea, mint combine to attract all good things in abundance.

The Law of Attraction candle is prepared with lemongrass, which when burned, brings success and increases focus on the attraction of all that is desired. Green tea promotes the manifestation of good health, love, passion and money while simultaneously banishing negativity. The addition of Vetiver aids in the processing of grief and a more restful sleep. Vetiver is used in this candle to encourage love, especially among the LGBTQ+ community. 

This candle is sprinkled with mint  to expedite and protect good fortune,  jasmine for abundance, and rosemary for its manifestation powers. Finally, it is finished with Pyrite for success, Citrine for prosperity and Tiger Eye for good luck. 

Burn this candle on a Wednesday, a Mercury ruled day, the ideal day for attraction. 

Law Of Attraction

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