Each month our Rebels and Outlaws Whichbox will consist of a candle chosen specifically to help you set your intention for the month and manage your energy. You will also receive a selection of gifts, tools and talismans such as teas, crystals or items from collaborations with your favorite beauty and wellness brands. Each whichbox is curated to provide a way for you to set your intention for the month that resonates with the earthly seasons and movements of the moon.

February's Whichbox consists of an exclusive brand new candle called Love Spell that softly whispers sweet nothings with a classic light fruit and floral scent, a Rose Quartz Beauty Oil for bath, body or massage, made with Jojoba and Apricot Kernel oils to bring moisture and shine, but also slightly shimmers due to magical, natural mica, a fragrance oil roller with a soft fruit and floral scent and 2 rose quartz hearts. One to keep for yourself and one to give away to someone special in your life to show that you care. 

February is a magical month for the heart. It is a month of self love and heart healing. A month for introspection and personal growth. February is a month of letting go and looking forward. It is the month for new love, passion and possibility. It is the month to celebrate love in all its forms.

Whichbox Curated Collection

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