Each month our Rebels and Outlaws Whichbox will consist of a candle chosen specifically to help you set your intention for the month and manage your energy. You will also receive a selection of gifts, tools and talismans such as teas, crystals or items from collaborations with your favorite beauty and wellness brands. Each whichbox is curated to provide a way for you to set your intention for the month that resonates with the earthly seasons and movements of the moon.

November's Whichbox consists of one of our Artists and Angels candles to provide you with encouragement, adaptability, and stimulation of creativity, communication and vitality. Our Artists and Angels Potion is perfect as beauty mist, body mist or for freshening linens and fabrics. It can be used to calm and clear space or shift energy with scent and intention. A rosemary burn bundle to prepare and welcome guests and with the intention to bless your home with present moment mindfulness, serenity, and joy. A handmade cinnamon broom. The broom will sweep away the negative energies of those who enter your home and allow all good things to enter. Finally, our crystal pack. This selection of smoky quartz, carnelian and rose quartz is perfect for a month of insight, creativity, gratitude and new possibility.

November is a time of cleansing, strengtheing ties and sparking the creative.

Whichbox Curated Collection

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