Love, Love & Love candle uses ancient recipes and old magic to celebrate, honor and welcome love of all forms. This beguiling concoction is believed to have originated from the “Ladies Court” of the Middle Ages, who discovered this alluring alchemy. Containing an aphrodisiac, this candle can jumpstart libido, boost fertility and relieve frigidity, while amplifying love in its three forms. Eros love is that of romance, eroticism, passion and even intoxication with another person. Phileo love is the love of family, friendship, community and self. Agape the love which transcends all worldly circumstance and remains unconditional. 

Red is the color of extremes and the primal life forces of blood and fire. Red is the sensual color of love, lust, passion, seduction, sex, relationships, energy, vitality and courage. Red candles are perfect for the most powerful of emotions. 

The familiar scent of fresh vanilla with a hint of warm cinnamon and spice is an ancient love spell and aphrodisiac combined with James family recipe to offer a candle scent that is relaxing, warm and wonderful for bringing self love and love in all its forms.

This candle scent is based on the traditional love spells of the women in the court of Catherine de Medici and Italian kitchen magic passed down from families through generations. The first and most important love is self love

Love, Love & Love is prepared with Vanilla to attract love, increase sexual desire and improve mind power. Patchouli is a sensual scent that brings love and romance while warding off negativity. Cinnamon heats up cold romances by reigniting passion. Two types of chocolate are added for the purpose of inducing love; dark chocolate for romance and intimacy and milk chocolate for nurturing friendships. Sandalwood opens up the heart and mind to awaken your sensuality and connect with the Divine. 

This candle is finished with Rose Quartz to invite love, Amazonite to increase consideration, and Rhodochrosite to release any pain from past relationships in anticipation of embracing love and beauty. A sprinkle of Catnip is added to keep romance alive and Cardamom to bring forward lust, love and fidelity. The arousing scent of jasmine fosters the courage to pursue the person you desire. Lastly, Damiana, the love herb, increases stamina and is widely recognized as an aphrodisiac.

Love, Love & Love

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