"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” -Seneca 

Visualize positivity and bring good luck and great fortune to your life with the help of our Luck Kit. Developed with herbs, crystals and conjurings that give you the courage and confidence to set intention, make a plan, and manifest prosperity, abundance, success, blessings and the materialization of your every wish. 

Each Kit Includes a Joy & Success Candle, a Liquid Luck Potion, an Antique Key, Rough Citrine, and assorted Incense Cones. 

Set, Spark, Prepared Receive .
Our Rebels and Outlaws Joy and Success Sacred Ceremony Candle. Yellow candles are associated with success and the power of the mind. The brilliant zest of lemon and citrus enhances the peppery ginger, saffron and amber scents of this warm and bright candle. Ginger instills confidence and stokes passion. It reminds you of your own creative power. Saffron creates wealth and brings recognition for your work while allowing you to access your own power. Lemon rejuvenates and brings happiness and joy. Amber attracts good luck and eliminates fear. Finished with citrine to hold the energy of light and happiness. Carnelian provides courage and confidence and motivates you to move your life forward in a new direction while Amazonite helps you to see both sides of a problem or different points of view. It soothes emotional trauma, alleviating worry and fear to move forward towards success and joy. 

Cleanse, release, clear and Set.
Alter energy, find focus and conjure up, curate and experience with Rebels and Outlaws Liquid Luck Potion. Perfect as a beauty mist, smudge spray or expression of intention. Liquid Luck helps you turn your Dreams Into Realities. Brewed with the best intentions. Lemongrass is bound to Mercury and air, it will repel dragons and serpents, and those who would hold you back or wish you harm. It offers fidelity, honesty, growth, and strength, and helps to break negative patterns and manifest. Lemon, which is sacred to the moon, is often used for purification and love and helps to break negative ties with your past so you can focus on what comes next. Finished with cedar for longevity and luck and a dash of ginger to speed things up. 

Focus, Find, Step Forward, Set Intention.
Incense aligns the area in which it is burned with ambiance and is a perfect mood setter, raising the energy and ambience of any space. Use incense when meditating to achieve focus, calm and connect to higher energies. Our handmade incense comes are created with love and the traditional herbs, resins and florals that bring good luck and good fortune. 

Open, Activate, Protect, Attract 
Keys are a worldwide symbol of good luck and new opportunities. They open doors to new worlds, new faces, new thoughts and fresh beginnings. They also lock doors and protect us from taking certain destructive paths and protect us from intruders. Keys have been a part of folklore and magic for centuries. In magickal practices the symbolism of a skeleton key exists in it’s ability to open all doors, allowing passage into those places that exist behind locked barriers. Possessing a key is both about gaining access and setting boundaries as well as bringing the carrier luck in all endeavors. 

Strengthen, Encourage, Create, Activate.
Citrine reminds you to shine just like the Sun and serves as a visual reminder to be just as bold in manifesting all you desire to bring forth in life. This gem increases clarity of thought, awakens creative imagination, and amplifies willpower. Citrine promotes growth, especially when it comes to a new business or project. And it draws money like a magnet! When the going gets tough and the obstacles arise, citrine will instill you with a newfound strength to overcome it all.

Luck Kit

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