First Light is inspired by the spirit of Provincetown, Massachusetts. It is a celebration of the new beginning and the unlimited promise of the oldest artist colony in the country, which is also where pilgrims landed. People have converged in Provincetown for centuries so seek their muse, find love and to gather in the light. 

Familiar and distinctive, this softly scented candles top notes of citrus and sea salt bring to mind the historical beaches of Provincetown. The floral heart of jasmine, lilac, and orange blossom and uexpected base notes of amber and tonka ground the airy quality of this ocean scent while notes of smoke and pine and sandlewood complete the warm union that welcomes everything that's coming next. 

This candle is prepared with sea salt for its long history of purification, protection and blessings. Pinecone is used for protection and preparation to receive enlightenment. The scent of fire releases the past and fosters clarity. Sandalwood assists in maintaining peace of mind throughout the journey. 

Lastly, the cable is Finished with Clear Quartz for seeking and healing and Howlite for calm.

Before burning, remove the bay leaf, imbue it with your intention and burn separately and safely in an ashtray or similar vessel.

First Light

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