Inspired by Ritual candles and our passion for music, art and activists that inspire us our new Seven Day Sacred Ceremony Candles feature some our favorite Rebels and Outlaws who inspire us with the mark they have made. Each candle features exclusive artwork by Savannah based artist Zteven who is as passionate about pop culture and it's influence in the world as we are. Poured in a traditional way to ensure a seven day burn each candle contains an organic cotton wick and is finished with crystals, herbs, florals and a drop of scent to set intention and allow you to set your intention and bring Ceremony into your everyday.

There's a starman waiting in the sky/
He'd like to come and meet us/
But he thinks he'd blow our minds. 
Starman - David Bowie 

You can't get enough, but enough ain't the test
Rebel Rebel - David Bowie 

Not many artists are as inspirational to as.many of us as David Bowie. Much more than just an amazing songwriter and unforgettable musician. He put his heart and soul into everything he did. He showed us that even if being yourself meant was not easy you could still thrive. It might not be easy, but it's certainly possible. The world will never be the same without him but his brilliance will burn forever. 

Our David Bowie Devotional Seven Day Candle is a true rainbow. Finished with amethyst, carnelian, lapis lazuli, prehnite and selenite this candle offers protection, possibility and reminds you of your own potential. It conjures up the magic and Inspiration of one of the most iconic and visionary artists and takes inspiration from his favorite scent and the way people like Arcade Fire's, Will Butler describe as the best smelling person you will ever meet ...tobacco, vanilla, and pine take center stage in a labyrinth like managerie of herbaceous, floral and masculine scents. 

Multi-colored Candles have 7 layers of colors. The colors follow the general candle color meanings. The 7 layers can be used in various ways that include:

7 Desires: You can layer your desires in one candle. Focus on one per a day. Try to match your desire to the candle color meaning.

Green: You can light this candle to draw money to you.
Pink: You can burn this candle to attract romantic love or reinforce existing love.
Red: Infuse a little passion into a specific area in your life.
White: If you need protection, want to cleanse something in your life, or want positive energy while you pray, light this candle.
Orange: You can imbue the ability to influence a specific area of your life and foster creativity with this color.
Purple: This is a good color for meditating and seeking enlightenment.
Blue: This color can bring peace and calm to specific areas or situations in your life and finding your voice. 
Yellow: Light this candle to aid in studies, a search for wisdom or to find answers and welcome success.
Gold: This color is the color of the precious metal and is used for money, financial success, and good fortune.

7 Prayers: This candle can assist you in focusing on seven different prayers, seven different people  or prayers for each day of the week

7 Chakras: Working with the seven main chakras, you can meditate and focus on each chakra center that coordinates with the candle color to open and balance chakras.

Visualizing Your Intent
This method isn't a spell, but one of intent. You need to visualize what you want before lighting the candle. Are you going after a promotion? Perhaps you want to change jobs. Do you need to undertake special training, so you can qualify for a different career? Light this candle and let the magic of the universe in. 

"Look up here, I'm in heaven.”
Lazarus - David Bowie 2016 
Rebel Rebel

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