Winter is a time of pause, reflection and self analysis. It is one of the times when the Crone turns to face us and we wait out the cold and the dark for the return of the light. Winter is a perfect time for purificatory and cleansing magic and putting plans in place. 

Rebels and Outlaws Winter Solstice Candle was prepared for the celebration of the yuletide and longest night of the year as well as a reminder through the winter months that we must appreciate and celebrate the dark and the light. Traditionally a red candle with a carving of symbols was hand made to bring prosperity for the coming year. Our hand poured and finished solstice candle carries on and is created with the traditional winter herbs and florals of fir, pinecone, frankincense, cedar and vanilla to bring comfort in the dark days. 

The spicy, peppery warmth of Juniper berries purifies the aura, clarifies thought, and protects us from negativity. It is used against anxiety, to improve memory and mental clarity, and for sedation. Cedar is used in purification, protection, consecration and aids in contact with the spirit world.

All natural soy wax.
8oz burn time: Approximately 40 hours.

Winter Solstice

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