Fukubukuro (福袋) translates literally to “lucky bag”, and it represents a Japanese New Year custom in which almost all shops around the country (especially Tokyo) ...and the world....make beautiful grab-bags with a variety of random products and sell them for a discount.

Jeremy and I fell in love with the custom on our trips to Japan. In Gratitude for our most amazing year and looking forward we wanted to recognize all of the possibility and opportunity ahead with our own take on fukubukuro.

For the month of January we will be offering a special personalized fukubukuro lucky bag with a candle that is selected for you by James and Jeremy and then specifically poured, prepared, sigiled and saged just for you and your personal path ahead. We will also include other little treats, talismans, tokens or tools hand picked by James to help you on your way.

Illuminate the path ahead and make your own magic with some help from you favorite Rebels and Outlaws.


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