Keys and Crossroads ....For Hecate. Poured for the equinox. 

This candle brings in the magic of November and the manifesting power of this moon goddess to remind you of your own power and potential.

Cedarwood, yue and warm vanilla marry with ancient fig and sacred tobacco for our modem take on a classic. This white candle is ideal for interntion concerning  Enlightenment, Spiritual Development, Psychic Protection, Emotions, Imagination, Influence, Independence, Power, Epowerment, Spirituality, Truth, and Wisdom.

Paired with rue for protection and passion, star anise for clarity in the chaos, all spice for empowerment and a combination of Hecate crystals to support and empower you as you step into the magic and enlightenment ar the crossroads and a key to unlock your poential and opportunity for all that is ahead.

Keys and Crossroads

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