This Rebels and Outlaws Candle is designed to radiate light, invigorate you and  allow you to embrace your own power, find calm in the chaos and protect your own energy.

This candle is inspired by the power of kitchen magic and the possibility of the summer. Lemon brings light, happiness and accomplishment. The use of sugar and other sweeteners in magic to create powerful sugar spells which usher in happiness, love, good fortune and peace.

Bright and warm with familiar notes that evoke summer picnics and kitchens filled with love. Bright lemon peel and juicy lemon give this bakery fragrance oil its signature citrus kick. Butter, sugar, and vanilla finish off this realistic gourmand cake fragrance.

This candle is poured and prepared to bring back the acent memories of James family kitchen where his aunts and mother baked cakes and cookies to celebrate special occasions and welcome the light.

We have finished this Sacred Ceremony Candle with citrine, sunstone, and pink opal to allow everything to be illuminated and achieved and to celebrate the sun. Helichrysum is the flower of healing, empowering light and everlasting love.

Light & Clarity

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