This candle is designed to radiate light and allow you to feel love, happiness and plentitude. This candle marries the magic of sweet orange in all its forms with the spicy kick of chili, sriracha and black pepper to offer uplifting energy and unlimited potential. Oranges are a fruit of many blessings and carry a revitalizing energy, and can generate happiness and joy. They are linked to success and prosperity. Mandarin unlocks creative energies that may be penned up inside and helps with letting go of negative emotions. Bergamot eases depression and Orange Flower opens up the heart and soul to joy. Black pepper is spicy, earthy and incredibly grounding. It has an uncanny ability to create strength and endurance to express yourself freely. It builds up our own internal voice and allows us to remain calm and centered as we express it to the world while chili powder brings protection and passion as you step forward into your destiny. 

Finished with citrine to hold the energy of light and happiness. Carnelian to provide courage and confidence and motivate you to move your life forward in a new direction while garnet alleviates emotional disharmony and activates and strengthens the survival instinct, bringing courage and hope.

This vibrant scent marries the sweet memories of ripe oranges and citrus fruits with a distinct kick of sriracha, black pepper and chilis for a complex fragrance that’s anything but ordinary. Created by Jeremy to stoke the fire in your belly and bring you into the extraordinary this extra special candle will lead you boldly into the bright days and unlimited promise ahead.

Opportunity & Optimism

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