Cleanse and Clear.
Celebrate and offer gratitude by burning herbs to purify your home, aura and sacred space. Snudge and burnable bundles are used to clear negativity from an area, but it is much more than that. Our handmade hand tied snudge sticks are made from ethically sourced and gathered materials.

Rosemary is cleansing, energizing, stimulating, and clarifying to the mind and perfect for the month of November. Rosemary can help with removing anxiety and cleansing the aura and spirit. Use rosemary to prepare, welcome guests and bless your home with present moment mindfulness, serenity, and joy. Imagine your entire home being filled with blessings, calm, clarity, positivity. Rosemary is the perfect gift to give others in November. Dry some of your own and share the love. 

To use:
Light the tip of the smudge and let it burn for several moments. Extinguish the flame gently and wave the burning smudge stick back and forth, distributing the smoke throughout your space.

Store in a dark, dry place.
4 inches.
Rosemary Smudge Stick

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