Sorcerers and Sages invoke and honor wisdom likened to that of a Sage while intensifying your connection to the unseen realms. Enhance your spiritual experiences and increase your magical powers. 

Purple had long been associated with mystery and magic. Purple candles are used in healing rituals to amplify energies and conjure power and wisdom. 

This fresh,  herbaceous and floral candle begins with soothing sage and sprigs of lavender that bring the meadow and mountain to mind. Our unique custom blend is also crafted using juniper and sage, giving it a fruity, evergreen moment that is perfect when you need to relax, recharge or reinvigorate.

This candle is prepared with lavender for peace and clarity and sage for longevity and wisdom. Fir is used for magic that brings power, insight and progress. Cedar helps provide strength and illuminate focus. 

Finished with Bloodstone for courage and comfort, Prehnite to perpetuate spiritual growth, personal evolution and alignment with the Divine. Malachite induces energy cleansing, healing and positive transformation. Lastly, sprinkles of sage, cedar and lavender to heighten spiritual magic and the pursuit of the philosophical.

Sorcerers and Sages

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